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Create 2 Projects

Let's start hacking. You have your Create 2 in your hands – now what? Here are some instructions to get you on your way.

Here are some project ideas that have been submitted. Already hacked the Create 2 robot? Submit Your Project

Python Curriculum for Middle School

Everything you need to get a Create 2 robot running via Raspberry Pi with a minimum amount of Python code

Camera Bot

Pair your Create 2 with a microcomputer and a camera. Then drive around and see what your robot sees.

Create 2 with PrimeSense

Integrate 3D sensing technology with Create 2, add significant computational power and do all the above cheaply!

Light Conservation Robot

We need to stop wasting energy by not turning off lights. So, we have a robot that will remind you if you don't.

Hatching Eggs with the Create 2

Have you recently downloaded Pokémon™ Go? Are you trying to be the very best and catch ‘em all? Don’t actually want to get off the couch and walk to hatch those eggs? We’ve got a solution for you!

Intergalactic Symphony

Have you ever wanted to program a robot to play music from one of your favorite space movies? With the help of Python (and maybe the force) you to can have your own robot symphony!

Make your own Roombot

This project is an easy entry point into experimenting with robotics for people without a background in electronics. Building a roombot requires no soldering and no programming cables or low-level languages. After setting up your roombot you can write code to connect to and control the roombot.

DJ Create

So you want to impress your friends with a roaming, robotic DJ at your next party...here’s how to do it.

DJ Turntable

Haven't you always wanted a DJ Turntable System using the most advanced robot of the future?! Well here you go...

Rasberry Pi Camera with Web Interface

How about a cool alarm clock, or a sentry security camera? Well this project does just that.


Use the lightpainting tutorial to create LED images viewable with long exposure photography.

Ben Heck Show - Dart Collector

The folks at Back Flip Films need help cleaning up after their weekly Nerf wars. To assist with this Ben will set out on a three part journey to build a Create that can collect Nerf darts and bring them back to home base.

Create 2 Path Finder

This is a demonstration of the Roomba Path Walker. The project is intended to demonstrate robot programming. Robots are not "smart", they simply following instructions.

Python API for the Create 2

This simple Python API is ideal for beginning Python students.

TeleRoomba with VR Headset

Buying a telepresence robot is usually pretty expensive, and all you can do is drive a video chat on a moving platform. I believe that an ideal telepresence experience should be much more imersive!

Tethered Driving

Connect your computer to Create 2 and control the robot’s every move.

Python Tethered Driving

Connect to your computer and control the robot using Python.

Create 2 Drive and Stream

In this tutorial, learn how to use the iRobot Create 2 to drive around and stream video over the wireless network.

CLI Dashboard for iRobot Create 2

This toolbox provides a set of intuitive, high level functions (a.k.a. wrappers) that allows you to easily control the Create 2’s sensors and actuators from a PC running MATLAB.

MATLAB Toolbox for the iRobot Create 2

This toolbox provides a set of intuitive, high level functions (a.k.a. wrappers) that allows you to easily control the Create 2’s sensors and actuators from a PC running MATLAB.

Python implementation of the Create 2 Open Interface

A Python implementation of the iRobot Create 2 Open Interface. Provides a low level interface for building Open Interface commands to send over a serial connection

Controlling Roomba Over Wifi

Controlling a Roomba over wifi made easy.

STEM Curriculum for the iRobot Create2

Develop an efficient program in Scratch to control the Create Robot. Design a modification to the Create so that it can transport different types of materials. Display and use computational thinking skills through the engineering design process.

Craebot - ZCM Driver for Create 2

A ZCM driver for the iRobot Create 2 programmable robot based on the libcreate C++ library from AutonomyLab.



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